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Always in our hearts.
With Osito at Cascade Crest 2015
Cascade Crest 2015
The Crew on McCulloch Peak
McCulloch Peak
Cape Perpetua 50K Fat Ass
Cape Perpetua
With Gaby on Thorp Mountain at Cascade Crest 2014 ... Déjà vu
Cascade Crest 2014
The Crew at the Condor 25K Trail Run (pics by Justin Chi)
Condor 25K
With Mikio at the Wasatch Front 100
Wasatch Front 100
Wasatch Front 100
With Gaby on Thorp Mountain, 84 miles into Cascade Crest 100 2013 (pics)
Cascade Crest Thorp Mountain
With Gaby and Guy at the finish of Cascade Crest
Cascade Crest Finish
April and Craig married at the Mac 50K! (pics)
April and Craig
Matt, Todd and John, ready to rock at Pine to Palm 100
(pics and pics by Gaby)
Pine to Palm
Me, Guy and Gaby
Angels at Twins Peak Aid Station, Where's Waldo 2010
Melissa and Sharon
The crew running around Mount Hood:
40 miles 10,000' 4,000 calories 12 hours
Mount Hood
Bighorn 100
The crew heading to Bighorn
Dave and Erik, crew and pacers extraordinaire
With Gaby, at the finish line
Kiira minding the beer, Mac 50K 2010 (pics)
Kiira With Beer
The (motley) crew at Miwok, 2010
Corvallis Mud Men, Civil War 50 Mile Relay 2009 (pics & more pics by Scott)
Civil War Relay
Scott, Laura and Nok at Moab, 2009 (pics by Scott & Nok)
Pantera Cotorra (aka Linda), having just slayed McKenzie. Ya!
Pantera Cotorra
Gnome Hunters on Dimple Hill (pics by Gaby)
The Crew
Fantasmo on Dimple Hill
Runners in the mist. The Crew on McCulloch Peak (pics by Gaby)
The Crew
With Dave and Sharon working Twins Peak station, Where's Waldo 2009
Where's Waldo Twins Peak Station
Scott, Dave & Joel, ready for the Triple Challenge (pics here)
Scott, Dave & Joel, ready for the Triple Challenge
Corvallis at Wasatch 2009 (pics by Gaby)
Corvallis as Wasatch
Gaby grinding to first place, Cape Mountain
Gaby at Cape Mountain
Guy in fine form, Hagg Lake
Gaby at Cape Mountain
Meghan, Dave, Scott, Gaby, me ... just Way Too Cool
Way Too Cool
Luz de Sol & Lobo Sereno, Way Too Cool
Way Too Cool
Marilyn and me heading to the Orcas Island 50K (pic by hippy chick)
Marilyn and me
Mount Baker from Orcas
Mount Baker
Ole's Astoria Assault 2008
NW Mountain Running Championships, Mount Hood, 2008

Top of Mt Fuji, Where's Waldo 2008
Frank Schnekenburger
Frank Schnekenburger
Getting wetter at the Mount Hood Scramble
Frank Schnekenburger