This & That


Not here but everywhere,
Not now but always,
Alone but never lonely,
Never apart,
Empty heart full

It Doesn't Matter

It doesn’t matter who you are,
It doesn’t matter where you are,
It doesn’t matter where you’re from,
It doesn’t matter how you got here,
It doesn’t matter what you’ve left behind,
It doesn’t matter what got screwed up.

All that matters is what you’re doing right now,
in this moment.

Beautiful Day

I'm tired of dying
It's time to start living
I may feel fear
My heart may sink
I may feel pain
A sense of doubt
But I will not stop
I will keep going
Even if the going is slow right now
I will wade through this swamp
The trail eases up just ahead
It's a beautiful day
It always was.


Of all the creatures that roam the land,
Only wolf can run as far as man.

My Pack

Home is where the pack is.

Trail Am I

Walking on a forest trail,
I am walking through myself.
The trees,
The birds,
The sunlight,
The babble of the brook.
All of this is me, and I am all of it.
The boundary between us is an illusion.

She Rises

She rises,
An ancient spirit
Draped in clouds of spring.
Perception fades
Into mist,
Into bliss.

The Balance

For everything that is given,
something is taken away.
For everything that is taken away,
something is given.
The exchange may be displaced
in time, space and content.
But there is a balance in things,
There is a time to hang on.
There is a time to let go.

Agent 001

She's my secret agent
Agent double-oh one
Going where few know
And fewer dare
To the frames
To the outsides
To the skyscrapers
Agent double-oh one
She knows the numbers
And she knows where they go
And where they don't
No one knows who she really is
But she lets me in
My secret agent
Agent double-oh one
She is mine
I am hers
Agent double-oh one